Mikal Muhammad

Long Branch, NJ 07740 · (732) 759-8412 · mikalmuhammad@lynnehousepublishing

An experienced audio engineer, and owner of full service post production recording studio on the Jersey shore, Twenty Seven Sounds Inc. Ironically audio is my genesis block into blockchain development, stemming from my studies in small electrical circuits and DSP technologies. A Blockchain & Smart Contract developer utilizing the Solidity programming language to build secure, best of practice, Decentralized Applications (DApps) such as Crypto-Wallets (time-locked, multi-sig, savings, etc), Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), Blockchain Scanners, NFTs, NFT Marketplaces, and NFT Universe(s). Having a background in business, audio, and the business of music as well as its supportive services, combined with a sound economics foundation gives me a unique insight and ability to identify & produce solutions where major opportunities intersect and reside.

Blockchain Technology Acquired Knowledge

Bitcoin basics (buying, storing, & trading), Altcoin basics (trading & leverage trading), Trading Platforms, Identifiying scams, Blockchain Basics, Bitcoin Mining, Forks, UTXO Model, Cryptography, Consensus Algorithms, Segwit, Ethereum Basics, Ethereum EVM, Ethereum Consensus, Account Model, Token Standards, Smart Contracts, Smart Contract Security, The DAO hack & DAO hack repication, Parity Hack & Parity Hack replication, Developer Mindset, Solidity Best Practices, Upgradeable Contracts, Proxy Contracts, Functional Contracts, Storage Contracts, Smart Contract Design , Pausable Contracts Decentralized Applications, Industry Use Cases, Centralized Systems, Decentralized Systems, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer, Blockchain Tree (context: Hyperledger), Permission Blockchains, Money as a Concept, Gold-backed currency, Central Banking and Reserve Currencies, History of Currency, Fiat Money, Bitcoin as Money, Gold as Money, Government Money, The value of the Bitcoin standard, Solidity Basics, Arrays & Structs [Solidity language], Mappings [Solidity language], Data Location [Solidity language], Error Handling [Solidity language], Inheritance [Solidity language], Visibility [Solidity language], Events [Solidity language], External Calls [Solidity language], Truffle Development, Truffle Unit Test, Metamask Integration, Truffle Migrations, Ethereum Oracles, Testnet Development, Ethereum Dapps, Programming Mindset, JavaScript Basics, Web Development, JavaScript Types, JavaScript Loops, JavaScript Data Structures, JavaScript Functions, Node JS Basics, Git version control system & GitHub, API Communication, React, Creating React Apps, Development Environments for React (React), Building with Class Based Component(React), Advanced functional Components (React), Unity Development for Blockchain, Unity Basics, Unity Tilemaps & stripes, Unity Prefabs, Unity in-game items, Unity Collisions, Unity Gravity, Unity C# Scripting, GraphQL [...]


Wallet Monsters

Tile Based Game With crypto economy
NFT Game | NFT Universe

Welcome to the immutable world of Wallet Monsters, home of the Enjimon living digital assets that require love, attention, and care to prevent Immutable Death. Enjimon are ERC721 tokens and vary in appearance, type, and attributes. Through care and training, you can level up and evolve your creature. Wallet Monster is not only an NFT collection with an NFT DApp Game. Enjimon can leave their wallet through interoperable games built in a web-based framework. Use leveled-up stats to defeat enemies better and locate collectible ERC1155/721 artifacts. Powered by the enjin protocol and made with Moralis.io for easy cross-chain integration. Currently undergoing beta testing on Rinkeby Test net.

Suns of DeFi

Edutainment Platform

Suns of DeFi is an Edutainment platform created by the original Three "TCH" inspired to spread the gospel of Blockchain and blockchain technology through education and development of Neolithic DeFi Instruments.

Hodl Helper

Neolithic DeFi Instruments
DeFi | Earning Protocol

Hodl Helper is a best-of-practice noncustodial DeFi protocol. That allows users to permissionless-ly transfer funds, swap tokens, time-lock, and hodl their bags.


Defi Developer and Project Manager

Utilizing an elegant framework to produce MVP in the Defi space. Ensuring our clients bring the right product to market. Drafting of SRS documents to establish a framework of communication between project stakeholders (Investors, Clients, other PMs) and software developers (frontend developers, backend developers, solidity developers, and more) laying out the Software Requirement Specifications. I then draft SDD is based on the submitted SRS document. Development of UI using the React framework and solidity language for protocol logic. U&I testing design and implementation (Unit and Integration testing). Management of version control systems to keep track of source code history with Git framework. Implementing Blockchain technology integration with clients currently used technologies. Blockchain and Defi consulting.

March 2020 - Present


Ivan On Tech Academy

Currently enrolled in Ivan On Tech Academy, and on course to complete the entire curriculum. 12 of 35 completed!

December 2020 - present

Head Audio Engineer

Twenty Seven Sounds Inc.

Logistic, audio technican, tracking engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, maintenance and fabrication Research, development, implementation and integration of current and new technologies to facilitate all aspects of the business. I have provided my services while working as head engineer for Verizon Wireless, Maybach Music Group, Wendy Day and The Rap Coalition, Neako Bailey, Raekwon The Chef, and a variety of different clients, organizations, and businesses.

August 2015 - Present

Freelance Engineer

Daddy's House NYC, Ice House Studios (NJ), IGM Recording Studio (NJ)

A working audio engineer performing various audio related task from equipment installation and repairs, to tracking and post production services. For a variety of different clients, organizations, and businesses in various facilities.

May 2013 - June 2015

Head Engineer

Anomoli Records

Business administration. Lead project engineener, in-studio engineer for label. Recording, Editing, tuning, arrangement, production, mixing, mastering, and tech engineer.

May 2013 - December 2014

Studio Intern

Mentorship, Kenneth McGee

Trained in the art & science of mixing records and audio as a whole

December 2012 - May 2013

Staff Engineer

Black Box Records Inc.

Staff audio engineer, recording, editing, mixing. For day to day services

June 2008 - september 2012


September 2021
NFT Asset Manager

This is an NFT asset manager for TCH Metaverse User are able to use this UI interface to interact with a smart contract I wrote and deployed to the Rinkeby test net. Users are able to view all NFTs minted associated with our contract, they can transfer, burn, and mint new ERC1155 or 721 NFTs.

September 2021
50/50 Coin Flip

This serverless DApp is running on top of the Ethereum Network, built using web3.js and Morlas.io. The casino-style DApp allows users to place a bet to double their money with 50/50 odds. The smart contract was written with a best-of-practice CHECK-EFFECTS-INTERACTIONS pattern to minimize potential exploitations. Deployed on Ropsten test net.

September 2021
Aavegotchi Raiders! The Liquidators Revenge

My submission to the Aavegotchi 2021 Gaame Jaam Hack-A-Thon. Aavegotchi Raiders! The Liquidators Revenge. Use the hyperlinked picture above to view demo video or the button below to play the demo.

September 2021
Top 100 Live! | DApp

I put together a simple Educational DApp, that user can use to learn more about the blockchain & cryptocurrencies! Currently it fetches and displays live data from the blockchain. Will continue to add on in the future!

August 2021
Phaser | Demo

In light of the Aavegotchi Jam coming up Sept 1, 2021, I decided to start practicing. I came up with a simple game to collect items in-game, for the player. I have implemented sound, physics, web3 integrations, game logic, and lose state. With only a few days before the jam begins I plan to brush up on the phaser game library and engine to bring my idea to life!

Wallet Monsters Companion to Enjimon NFT game
August 2021
Part 2 | Wallet Monsters

A working proof of concept, Improves our concept game (The Amazing Bebo). A companion to our Enjimon 'NFT-GAME'. Owners of the Enjimon NFTs can use their unique properties in-game to survive while collecting EXP Coins that earn actual ERC-721 and other ERC1155 assets powered by the Enjin protocol. Demo our concept beta

Tile Based Game With crypto economy
August 2021
Enjimon| Wallet Monsters

An NFT game & Universe built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, powered by the Enjin protocol. These NFT Tokens have game logic and can be raised from users wallet. Enjimon are in-game assets that can be used along side the game platform powered by the unity engine and framework.

Tile Based Game With crypto economy
August 2021
Concept| Tile Based Game

Bebo, The cryptonatic Cat with strong hands has to fill his bags with the in-game asset GATO tokens! This Agile developed MVP is powered by Unity engine & framework. Part II of this project will include a crypto economy built on top of the Ethereum blockchain with in-game assets powered by the Enjin protocol.

Decentralized Exchange UI
July 2021
DEX UI | Snowtrap DEX

The Snowtrap DEX is a UI project that aggregates and displays the on-chain data for token name, ticker, and price of the top 10 tokens. For your trading pleasure use the 'helicopter money' function to increase your balance and buy and sell tokens permissionless with no third party involved!


Ivan On Tech Academy

Web3 Development
Blockchain Technologies
  • Crypto For Beginners
  • Blockchain & Crypto 101
  • JavaScript Programming for Blockchain Developers
  • Blockchain Business Masterclass
  • Bitcoin Monetary Revolution
  • Ethereum 101
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Security
  • React Web Development 101
  • Unity Blockchain Game Development 101
December 2020 - Present

Kenneth McGee

Successful completion of internship.
2012 - 2013


Programming Languages, Tools
Blockchain Development
  • Solidity
  • Truffle
  • Ganache
  • Moralis
  • Hyperledger
Frontend Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • C#
  • Babel
Backend Development
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Moralis
  • C#
  • GraphQL
Audio & Music
  • Arrangement
  • Production
  • Keyboards
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Multi-Tracking
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Tuning
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Audio Technician
  • Small Circuit Design
  • Artist Development
  • Vocals

Awards & Certifications

  • Crypto For Beginners - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Blockchain & Crypto 101 - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • JavaScript Programming for Blockchain Developers - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Ethereum 101 - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201 - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Security - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Blockchain Business Masterclass - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Bitcoin Monetary Revolution - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • React Web Development 101 - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Unity Blockchain Game Development - Ivan On Tech Academy Certification
  • Computer Science 101: Master the Theory Behind Programming - Udemy Course By Kurt Anderson
  • Crypto Condensed™: The Complete Guide To Bitcoin - Buidl School
  • Dante Certification Level 1 - Audio Dante
  • Dante Certification Level 2 - Audio Dante
  • Dante Certification Level 3 - Audio Dante


My interests are in audio, music, commerce, technology and unicorn solutions to fixate my mind on.


Thank you for viewing my journey into DeFi; if you would like to continue to check out my thoughts and insights into blockchain technology, head over to my Journal hosted on Tumblr.